Community Litter Pick

A Community Litter Pick event was completed as below, but unfortunately was poorly attended by residents.

Attendees met at the Playpark, Hirst Courtney on Sunday 17th March 2024 at 10am

Provision for Exercise of Public Rights

You can make an appointment with the clerk to view the Parish Council’s accounts for 2022-23. Viewing period is 5th June to 14th July 2023.


News Update

20’s Plenty – Speed Awareness

Malton Primary School have done an exercise regarding stopping distances relating to driving at 20 and 30mph. The link below really brings it home – DRIVERS PLEASE SLOW DOWN

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Stopping distances


The Defibrillator situated in the old phone box in Hirst Courtney has recently had a software update and is back in situ available for use again.

Dog Fouling – be a responsible owner

Repeated cases of dog fouling on Main Street, between the War Memorial and Back Lane, have been reported to the Parish Council. The Parish Council work in partnership with Selby District Council and have therefore informed them of the issue.

Selby District Council have adopted the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014. Under this it is an offence to fail to clear up the mess made by a dog which is in your charge on any designated land in Selby district. The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of £1000.

Designated land is all land to which the public have a right of access.

The following are not acceptable excuses:

  • Being unaware of the fouling;
  • Not being with the dog at the time; or
  • Not having any suitable equipment to remove the mess.

This means that Selby District Council have the potential to prosecute owners who let their dogs roam unattended.

Speeding Motorists Through Hirst Courtney & West Bank

The Parish Council are collecting evidence of motorists speeding through Hirst Courtney & West Bank in a bid to resolve this long standing issue.

If you see a speeding vehicle please report the time and date of the incident to the parish council  by emailing: .  If possible please include a description of the vehicle(s) and number plate(s).